Terms & Conditions

1.Partners Involved

1.1 - This Term of Use applies between, on the one hand, to the site FinderPlaces.com and, on the other hand, to any and all individuals or legal entities, users of the services contained in said website, provided through the register to the site https://us.finderplaces.com/, from now, designated USER.

1.2 - By registering on the site FinderPlaces.com, the USER is aware and agrees that it is subject to all the provisions of this Term of Use, stating, for all legal purposes, the legal capacity to do so.

2. Object

2.1 - This Term of Use governs the use by the USER of access to the services provided by FinderPlaces.com, an online map visualization service, location of addresses, establishments and other public points, including the display of images and information on the indicated places, and determination of routes for urban and road displacement, provided free of charge by FinderPlaces.com through the site https://us.finderplaces.com/.

This document informs the responsibilities, duties and obligations that every USER assumes when accessing and / or using the site.

3. General conditions of use

3.1 - The USER is aware and agrees that FinderPlaces.com can not guarantee the quality, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, effectiveness, reliability or usefulness of the maps, addresses, establishments, public points, images, information, routes, or any other content of the FinderPlaces.com service.

3.2 - In this way, the USER should be advised to check the veracity of the information obtained and to carry out, if necessary, the appropriate measures for its protection in relation to any damages. The site FinderPlaces.com, captures and disseminates advertisements from various ADVERTISERS (S), therefore, does not act as a consulting services provider or as an intermediary or participant in any legal transaction that is causally carried out between the USER and the (s) ADVERTISER (S). Thus, the site FinderPlaces.com assumes no responsibility arising from the relations between the USER and the ADVERTISER (S), whether direct or indirect.

4. User registration and password

4.1 - The use of certain functionalities of the FinderPlaces.com service is subordinated to the previous registration of the USER, through the site https://guiavirtual.net, through the provision of personal data requested, definition of an identification or indication of an address of -mail, as well as a password, for personal and non-transferable use.

4.2 - The USER shall provide to FinderPlaces.com, due to its registration, true, current and complete information, and to maintain them throughout the period in which the service FinderPlaces.com is used.

4.3 - The USER shall also safeguard the confidentiality and personality of his / her password and immediately inform FinderPlaces.com of facts that may relate to any unauthorized access or unauthorized use of his password by third parties.

4.4 - The USER, in its total discretion, may at any time cease the use of the service, by canceling its account, via email, through the contact area https://us.finderplaces.com/, content generated by this will remain on the site.

4.5 - FinderPlaces.com at any time, may exclude the USER from the site due to violation of the rules of this Term of Use, communicating the cancellation of the account via email.

5. User-created content

5.1 - The USER may include evaluations of an establishment for display on the FinderPlaces.com service.

5.2 - Anyone can view the evaluations included in the FinderPlaces.com service.

5.3 - The USER shall make available to FinderPlaces.com by including evaluations for display in the service, true, objective, current information and consistent with the objectives of the FinderPlaces.com service in an ethical manner. 5.4 - It is advised that the USER only inserts images whose origin is known by him, and the site can not be held responsible for the insertions made, in violation of applicable legal norms.

6. Prohibited practices

6.1 - The USER is aware and agrees that, in the use of the service FinderPlaces.com, is definitely prohibited:
(i) - Distribute, modify, sell, rent or otherwise exploit the FinderPlaces.com service economically, the data and information related thereto, as well as use them for purposes other than immediate personal or for the creation or supply of other products or services; (ii) - The USER is aware and undertakes not to make evaluations and or insert improper content that: It violates the law, morality, good customs, intellectual property, rights to honor, privacy, confidentiality of communications, image, personal and family intimacy and other human rights; They infringe patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright; Encourage the practice of illicit conduct; Encourage the practice of acts of prejudice, whether on the basis of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or any other condition; Provide or permit access to illegal, violent, pornographic, degrading messages, products or services; They induce or incite dangerous and serious practices which are hazardous or harmful to health and to psychological balance; Be false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, so as to mislead the subject or the intentions or purposes of the communicator; Constitute unlawful, misleading or unfair advertising and which constitutes unfair competition; They promote, incite or stimulate pedophilia; Hostile third parties; Transmit illegal, harmful, uncomfortable, threatening, abusive, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invading third-party privacy, hateful, xenophobic, or otherwise unacceptable content and do anything contrary to applicable law (iii) Provide FinderPlaces.com, at the time of registering on the site https://us.finderplaces.com/, false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, as well as intentionally assume the personality of another person, physical or legal; (iv) - Disseminate or install viruses or any other code, file or software for the purpose of interrupting, destroying, inadvertently accessing, limiting or interfering with the operation or security of the FinderPlaces.com service, as well as the information, data and equipment of GuiaVirtual .Net, its USERS or third parties, or for any other illicit purposes; and The content inserted in the FinderPlaces.com portal will be conditioned to the validation after its publication, referring to the content and quality, and can be excluded or suppressed if they violate any of the devices explained in clause 6.1, regarding inappropriate content. FinderPlaces.com does not control the content transmitted or made available to third parties by the User in the use of the services available on FinderPlaces.com. However, in identifying any conduct and / or method of the USER that meets the provisions of this Term of Use, you may exclude / suspend evaluation of FinderPlaces.com and may subsequently notify the USER so that the situation be regularized. FinderPlaces.com is not responsible for the suggested destination in linked links in the page of the establishments and does not maintain links with other sites possibly suggested by these links.

7. Block and cancel user registration

7.1 - The USER is aware and agrees that FinderPlaces.com, taking cognizance of any violation of the provisions of this Term of Use, may temporarily block or permanently cancel its registration on the site https://us.finderplaces.com/ regardless of prior Communication.

8. Use and disclosure of user data

8.1 O - USER is aware and agrees that FinderPlaces.com may use the email address provided by the Company when it is registered on the website for sending information, in which the contents are related to the FinderPlaces.com service.

8.2 - The USER is aware and agrees that the data provided to FinderPlaces.com and, if so recorded, by the time of its registration and as a result of the use of the services, including information regarding its identification and location, may eventually be preserved and / or provided to competent authorities in compliance with law and ethics.

9. Responsibility

9.1 - The USER is aware and agrees that FinderPlaces.com is not responsible for:
(i) - For the lack of quality, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, effectiveness, reliability or usefulness of the maps, addresses, establishments, public points, images, information, routes or any other contents of GuiaVirtual service. Net;
(ii) For any service, advertisement, image, text or other content connected to the FinderPlaces.com service that is created, maintained or provided by USERS or by third parties, even if accessible or viewable on the site;
(iii) - By the actual conditions of use, consequences and possible damages resulting from the use of the maps, addresses, establishments, public points, images, information, routes, routes or any other content of the information services provided by FinderPlaces.com;
(iv) - For any damages resulting from the USER's failure to observe and maintain the confidentiality and personality of his / her password, as well as the absence or delay in sending notification to FinderPlaces.com regarding occasional improper access or unauthorized use of your password by third parties;
(v) - For any damage suffered by the USER due to the conduct of other USERS or third parties, even in the sphere of the service FinderPlaces.com;
(vi) - For any loss suffered by the USER as a result of the removal of any content that creates, includes or discloses in the FinderPlaces.com service, the cancellation of its registration on the site, as well as the preservation or provision of information about it, including regarding its identification and location, by FinderPlaces.com, in compliance with judicial orders; and
(vii) - For possible modification, suspension or interruption of the service FinderPlaces.com
(viii) - To keep the services available in the period of 24 (twenty four) hours per day, every day of the year.

9.2 - The USER is aware and agrees that he is TOTALLY responsible:
(i) - For any damages by virtue of the actions and / or omissions done by them in violation of item 6 - "Prohibited Practices" of this Term of Use.

9.3 - The USER may come to reimburse FinderPlaces.com for the costs that the site may incur when violating the conditions set forth in this Term.

9.4 - THE USER retains all proprietary rights to the information, text, graphics or other materials that the USER publishes on the site. However, the site is authorized to reproduce, publish and distribute all files, texts, graphics in whole or in part of its content.

9.5 - FinderPlaces.com does not guarantee any content sent by any USER whether it is an opinion, recommendation or advice expressed there.

10. Modification of Terms of Use

10.1 - The USER is aware and agrees that this Term of Use may be changed by FinderPlaces.com at any time, regardless of any communication. The USER may at any time access the updated version of this Term of Use at https://us.finderplaces.com/.

13. Final provisions

13.1. For all these reasons, these provisions are understood and accepted